e-mail: dweis@eoas.ubc.ca
phone / tél.: 1-604-822.1697
mobile: 778-386.4466


PCIGR Research Team

Marghaleray (Marg) Amini, PhD, ICP-MS Manager; laser ablation, isotope geochemistry, method development
Alice Chang, PhD, Project Manager; major projects, grant proposals, marketing and outreach, expertise in C and N isotope research
Dave Daquioag, BSc, Clean-room chemical preparation of samples for TIMS radiogenic isotope analyses
Kathy Gordon, MSc, Operation and maintenance of IRMS and multicollector ICP-MS for stable isotope analyses; sample preparation
Vivian Lai, MSc, Operation and maintenance of quadrupole and high-resolution ICP-MS for trace element analyses; sample preparation, laboratory QA/QC 
Anita Lam, CPA, Finance Manager; budgeting, accounts payable/receivable, reconciliation
Hai Lin, BSc, Sample preparation (rock crushing, heavy-mineral separation) for U-Pb geochronology analyses
Taylor Ockerman, Dpl, Clean-room chemical preparation of zircon samples for TIMS geochronology analyses
Corey Wall, PhD, PCIGR Facility Manager and U-Pb geochronology specialist; oversight of PCIGR infrastructure, operation and maintenance of U-Pb lab

Present PDFs and Students

Rhy McMillan
Nichole Moerhuis (co-supervised with J. Scoates)
Nicole Williamson

Brooke Hoppstock-Mattson, PhD candidate (co-supervised by E. Pahkomov)
E. Freres, PhD candidate (co-supervised by K. Newman)
Jasmin Chase, MSc
Serena Formenti, MSc

Past PDFs and Students

M. Li, 2019
L. Bilenker, 2018 (co-supervised with J. Scoates)
A. Fourney, 2018 (co-supervised with J. Scoates)
L. Harrison, 2018
E. King, 2018
N. Estrade, 2015 (co-supervised with R. Francois)
E. Mullen, 2015
J.-T. Cornelis, 2013
E. Barnes, 2011
M. Carpentier, 2011
I. Nobre Silva, 2011
A. Shiel, 2011
A. Greene, 2010
F. Nauret, 2006
W. Pretorius, 2005 (co-supervised with J. Scoates)

N. Moerhuis, 2023 (co-supervised with J. Scoates)
N. Williamson, 2022 (co-supervised with J. Scoates)
K. Smith, 2021
G. Patton, 2019 (co-supervised with R. Francois)
L. Harrison, 2017
C. Wall, 2016 (co-supervised with J. Scoates)
A. Shiel, 2010
L. Aimoz, 2008 (co-supervised with P. Flament)
A. Greene, 2008 (co-supervised with J. Scoates)
A. Kingston, 2008 (co-supervised with R. Francois)
C. Morriset, 2008 (co-supervised with J. Scoates)
S. Ingle, 2003 (co-supervised with J. Scoates)
B. Kieffer, 2002 (co-supervised with N. Arndt)

C. Armstrong, 2022
J. Cho, 2019 (co-supervised with J. Scoates)
T. Ver Hoeve, 2016 (co-supervised with J. Scoates)
M. Ikehata, 2013
T. Dell’Oro, 2012 (co-supervised with J. Scoates, J. Bedard)
D. Hanano, 2008
D. Semeniuk, 2007 (co-supervised with R. Francois, M. Maldonado)
R. Mackie, 2006 (co-supervised with J. Scoates, D. Peck)
G. Williams, 2006
H. Annell, 2004 (co-supervised with J. Scoates)
A. Goolaerts, 2003 (co-supervised with J. Scoates)
V. Debaille, 2002 (co-supervised with P. Schiano)
M. Franssens, 2002 (co-supervised with P. Flament)
F. Verbrughhe, 2002 (co-supervised with P. Flament)

G. Schudel, 2013
T. Loftus, 2011
L. Swinnard, 2006 (co-supervised with J. Scoates)
S. Wu, 2006 (co-supervised with J. Scoates)
L. Tam, 2005 (co-supervised with J. Scoates)
D. Hanano, 2004 (co-supervised with J. Scoates)
G. Williams, 2004 (co-supervised with J. Scoates)
S. Bequet, 2002 (co-supervised with J. Scoates)
V. Debaille, 2001 (co-supervised with J. Scoates)
A. Goolaerts, 2001 (co-supervised with J. Scoates, N. Mattielli)
M. Lo Cascio, 2001 (co-supervised with J. Scoates, D. Lindsley)
A. Rochdi, 2000 (co-supervised with J. Scoates, N. Mattielli)