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People - Present post-doctoral fellows using PCIGR:

  • Estrade, Nicolas

    Years: 2013-

    Programs: PDF

    Research Project: Isotope tracing of anthropogenic mercury sources in the environment

    Advisors: D. Weis & R. Francois

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  • Mullen, E.

    Years: 2011-

    Programs: PDF

    Research Project: Geochemical study (high precision TE and isotopic analyses) of the North Cascade volcanism.

    Advisors: D. Weis

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  • Moerhuis, N.

    Years: 2015 -

    Programs: Ph.D

    Research Project: High precision techniques of dating zircon and U-Th-Pb bearing accessory minerals to the Skaergaard Intrusion, Greenland

    Advisors: D. Weis & J. Scoates

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