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People - Research Staff

PCIGR Lab Manager

  • Richard Friedman

    Role: PCIGR lab manager; U-Pb geochronology, EARTHTIME member

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Research Associates/Research Scientists

  • Bruno Kieffer

    Role: TIMS specialist, radiogenic isotope geochemistry, technique development, reference materials

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  • Marghaleray (Marg) Amini

    Role: Research Associate

    Description: LA-ICPMS lab, isotope geochemistry, method development, MC-ICP-MS

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  • Liyan Xing

    Role: Research Associate

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  • Maureen Soon

    Role: Inorganic geochemical lab manager, 230Th-231Pa analytical scheme

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Research Assistant

  • Janet Gabites

    Role: Argon lab; Light stable and common Pb isotopic analyses, instrument specialist

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  • Kathy Gordon

    Role: Light stable mass spec specialist, lab assistant

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  • Vivian Lai

    Role: Analytical chemist; trace element analyses, lab cleanliness (QA/QC, blanks, ...)

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Research Technician

  • Hai Lin

    Role: Mineral separation for geochronology (U-Pb & Ar-Ar), sample preparation for tracer analyses, thermal ionization mass spectrometry (TIMS), analyzing U-Pb zircon samples on the VG 54R, supports TIMS analytical work at PCIGR by welding beads and cleaning hardware

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  • Yeena Feng

    Role: U-Pb cleanlab zircons processing for TIMS analysis; daily production/quality control of ultrapure reagents

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CFI Project Manager

  • Diane Hanano

    Role: CFI Project Manager, PR/outreach, industry collaboration and research partnerships, MAGNET Program Coordinator

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Administrative Manager

  • Cecilia Li

    Role: In charge of finance and administration; web-master of this web-site.

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