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Abouchami W., Galer S., Horner T., Rehkämper M., Wombacher F., Xue Z., Lambelet M., Gault-Ringold M., Stirling C., Shiel A., Weis D., Holdship P. A common reference material for cadmium isotope studies – NIST SRM 3108 Cd. Geostandards & Geoanalytical Res. (in press June 2012).


Garcia MO., Smith JR., Tree JP., Weis D., Harrison L., Jicha BR. Petrology, geochemistry and ages of lavas from Northwest Hawaiian Ridge volcanoes. GSA special paper on Large Igneous Provinces. (in press April 2013).




Morisset C-E., Scoates JS., Weis D., Rahier A. Methodology and Application of Hafnium Isotopes in Ilmenite and Rutile by MC-ICP-MS. Geostandards & Geoanalytical Res. (re-submitted March 2013).

Li C., François R., Yang S.Y., Barling J., Darfeuil S., Weis D. Climate-related changes in the transport time of lithogenic sediments to the Okinawa Trough (East China Sea) from 234U/238U measurements. Geology (submitted Jan 2012).


Cornelis J.T., Weis D., Barling J., Delvaux B., Lavkulich L. The mineral memory of soil-forming processes. Nature Geoscience (submitted Sept 2012).