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The Nu 1700 is Here!!!

July 3, 2013

The Nu Plasma 1700 high-resolution multi-collector mass spectrometer was delivered to PCIGR today. 

The instrument and its support equipment, plus numerous tools and parts, arrived in 11 large crates via 3 truckloads. A team from Bird Construction, along with PCIGR staff and 2 Nu Instruments engineers, unloaded and unpacked the crates. 

See the installation photos here.

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PCIGR prepares for delivery of Nu 1700

May 2013

Staff at PCIGR are busily preparing for the arrival of the Nu Plasma 1700, a large geometry high-resolution multi-collector mass spectrometer. This instrument will be the first of its kind in Canada, and only fifth worldwide.

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Tour of the JOIDES Resolution

May 2013 — Victoria

PCIGR staff and students had the unique opportunity to tour the scientific drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution, docked in Victoria, BC.

See photos here.

The tour started near the derrick on the “catwalk,” where the 9-m-long cores are first received after being brought up from the seafloor. The group then viewed many of the scientific areas, including the petrophysics lab, core lab, microscopy/paleontology lab, and chemistry/microbiology lab. We also got to visit the galley, gym, lounge/movie room, and lastly the ship’s bridge.