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The Nu 1700 is Here!!!

July 3, 2013

The Nu Plasma 1700 high-resolution multi-collector mass spectrometer was delivered to PCIGR today. 

The instrument and its support equipment, plus numerous tools and parts, arrived in 11 large crates via 3 truckloads. A team from Bird Construction, along with PCIGR staff and 2 Nu Instruments engineers, unloaded and unpacked the crates. 

See the installation photos here.

The most challenging item was the magnet, weighing almost 4.5 tonnes, for which special equipment was required. Everything was then brought into the labs, while taking care to minimize potential contamination of the clean space. 

The delivery went remarkably smoothly and efficiently, and was essentially completed in under 6 hours. Over the next 3 weeks, the Nu engineers and PCIGR staff will work hard to install and optimize the instrument.